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Hello and welcome to MichelleCentral.com.  My name is Michelle Odom.  This is my personal web site where I share my life, photos, memories and other things that interest me, with my family and friends.  Since you're here, feel free to have a look around.  Send me a note and let me know how you liked your visit.
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I found this really awesome site tonight that lets you key in a line of any song and it will give you the artist and the name of the song.  GREAT RESOURCE!!

Here's some information about a disorder that I have.

11 Things You May Not Have Known About Me
We all have goofy little nuances about our personality that some of our closest friends might not even know about us...here are some of mine

Awakening From My Dream ~ A Musicians Worst Nightmare
An article that I wrote about being a musician, joining an band, then the band fell apart and I was left with nowhere to play music at.


What Good Was The License Anyway?
I wrote this article in reference to my Insurance Agent License that I worked hard to get and then cancelled shortly thereafter.

I truly wish that I had some style in my closet.  Most of what you'll find in there are forest green pants and spruce green button up uniform tops...ugly for sure :-)  Here is where you can see my sense of style if only I could find the stuff in my size!

I love me some Pinterest!  What a cool way to share with friends and family.  It's like a wish book that you build on the internet.  I "Like" all kinds of things and invite you to follow me on Pinterest.

  • Girlie Stuff

    I really do love hair stuff and styles.  Although I can never get mine to do what I want it to do, a girl can wish can't she?  Here's where you'll find all my hair related stuff.

    Nail Appeal
    I do love a pretty manicured hand.  Here are some of the really cool nail designs that I've found online.

    I have a crazy since of style.  There are those that would probably say that I have no style at all.  I love brightly colored clothing.  Perhaps I'd look better if my closet contained all black, but I prefer all the colors of the rainbow that I see when I open my closet door.  Here are some fashion outfits that I really love.

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