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Michelle Central is my personal web site where I share my life, photos, memories and other things that interest me, with my family and friends.

This site was born on February 26, 2014.  It was last updated on 04/04/2014 12:16 PM

Neat SiteS

  • Digital Dream Door
    I am a music fanatic of the hard core kind.  I love this site for it great music lists for all kinds of music and year collections.  It's a great site to help you plan your iPod tunes music with songs you may have forgot about :-)
  • Up Chucky
    Talking about cool music sites!  This is one awesome website.  You can actually listen to full songs in radio format using the fun jukeboxes, the way it was, and other clips.  Totally recommend this site to music buffs!
  • Embarrassing Illnesses
    I happened to see a documentary one night that led me to this really interesting website.  Everyone has things that they want to know about, but are too embarrassed to ask their doctor.  This site holds answers to some of your most embarrassing questions!


Girlie Stuff

  • Hair
    I really do love hair stuff and styles.  Although I can never get mine to do what I want it to do, a girl can wish can't she?  Here's where you'll find all my hair related stuff.
  • Outfits *updated*
    I truly wish that I had some style in my closet.  Most of what you'll find in there are forest green pants and spruce green button up uniform tops...ugly for sure :-)  Here is where you can see my sense of style if only I could find the stuff in my size!
  • Nail Appeal
    I do love a pretty manicured hand.  Here are some of the really cool nail designs that I've found online.


Garden & Homestead

  • Growing Peas
    Peas require full sun and fertile, well drained soil for maximum yield. Incorporate plenty of organic matter and a complete fertilizer into the area before planting. When soils are above 40ºF, space rows 12-24 inches apart and plant seeds 1 inch deep and 1-2 inches apart in the row. Plant peas until April 1 in warm areas and until May 1 in the cooler areas. Peas require regular watering particularly at flowering, so maintain soils near field capacity during this time period. Hot temperatures and water stress will reduce yields and pod quality. Organic mulches help conserve water, supply extra nutrients, and reduce weeding.  Control insects and diseases if they occur. Harvest snap peas when pods are plump and garden peas when the pods are full but before seeds mature. For dry peas wait until pods are yellow and the seeds are dry. Use fresh peas immediately for best quality.
  • Chicken Facts
    Chickens are ground dwelling birds that can fly for only short distances. They are very social critters that like companionship. They can live for 10 years or more. Hens start laying eggs when they turn 6 months old, and no, they do not require a rooster in order to lay their eggs. Taking a dust bath is one of their favorite things to do. They bathe in loose dry dirt which cleans their feathers and helps them get rid of parasites.  If you'd like to see a chicken hatch chart, check this image out.  Perhaps you'd like to learn more about chicken anatomy?
  • Homesteading Skills
    There are like a gazillion different skills that one can learn when it comes to homesteading.  Some of the ones that I'd like to learn are:  Basic home canning and food preservation, Basic firearm safety and obtain my Concealed Weapons Permit, and how to properly use a measuring tape (those of you who really know me, know that the measuring tape will probably be the most challenging because I suck at math and anything to do with numbers)!