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Welcome Friends!

My name is Michelle.  This is my personal web space and I hope you'll find something of interest.  Here at MichelleCentral.com, the purpose of this site is to share information with my family and friends, keep an online record of some of my favorite sites to visit, and to promote a positive and uplifting mental state of mind.

Thoughts & Feelings Today


  • Had a great day with friends at a BBQ, be sure to see my photos of the Sand Hill Cranes
  • Thankful for so many things that I can't even begin to list them all.  Thank you Lord for all the blessings that you have given me and thank you for all those who have fought and given their lives so that we might celebrate this Independence Day.


  • You is kind...You is smart...You is important
  • Sometimes I wish I could just drive...just drive and drive and drive and where ever I end up that's where I start over!
  • Every woman has a breaking point. Just because she didn't say "it's over" doesn't mean you haven't already lost her.


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My Pet Peeves

Litter Bugs
Just because I don't live in the richest neighborhood in the world doesn't mean that I have to live in the filthiest!  It pisses me off to no end when people drive up my street and toss out their trash.  I take regular walks up and down my street with a garbage can and a picker up tool to get the shit out of the ditches that scumbags throw out of their cars.

People Who Wear Their Pants Have Way Down Their Ass
I really don't want to see your freakin' underwear.  They make belts to keep pants up!  You look like an idiot!  No matter WHAT you think, it is NOT SEXY!

People Who Can Get Welfare Without Taking Drug Tests
I have to take a drug test to get a job.  I'm not allowed to have any drugs in my system if I want to keep my job.  Yet there are people out there getting money from me, living off of the hard work of others that can't pass a drug test.  What the hell is this all about?  Screw that shit, make Welfare Recipients take drug tests and you can bet your ass you'd see more people out there earning a real living!

This & That

5 Needs That Everyone Has
I found this information on human needs very useful and thought provoking

Generations in the Work Force
A few years back, I took a class that was instructed by the then, Sergeant Michael Farrier, who's now a Lieutenant for HCSO.  I loved the class and I saved my notes from the class and thought I'd share them here on my site.

My page dedicated to all things marriage.

It's Your Ship
After speaking to my then Corporal Shannon Renner, I simply had to read this book.  Here are the notes I took while reading.

Sites I Follow
I love me some RSS feed.  Here's a growing page of some of my favorite blogs.

Stop Griping, Whining and Complaining
Anyone that knows me well, knows how much I can't stand being around negative, griping and whining people.  I came across this great article while researching ways to deal with this type of personality and knew that I had to save it for future reference.



Find Me On Pinterest
I don't know what it is, but I love me some Pinterest!  Yes, I'll admit it, I waste a ton of time on that site...hey! it's fun to me :-)


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